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Len Brown, Enough is Enough

If Len Brown had any integrity left, he would resign. He is a disgrace. I am all for forgiveness and restoration, and Len can have both, but that doesn’t mean he should be mayor. He can join the rest of us in the struggles of everyday life, forgiven, but paying the consequences.
First, it is old news now that he engaged in a salacious affair for two years including having sex in his office and other council contexts including the Town Hall. At that time, I thought he should resign. After all, when the story broke, he had just been voted in as mayor for the second time, and the voting public did not have this information when they voted. It rendered the vote meaningless. I personally voted for him, and I would most certainly not have had I known. I felt robbed. For me it is a matter of trust. Supposedly, and I am probably naive here, leadership is based on trust. I can never trust a man who betrayed his family in this way. The affair indicates two years of lying to his wife and famil…