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Is Laidlaw College “Liberal”?

Sometimes I hear the criticism that Laidlaw College is a liberal college; or, that it is betraying its evangelical heritage. This perception, so I hear, has led some to prefer other colleges which are considered more evangelical. All of this is anecdotal of course, but it led me to blog on this issue, to question whether this perception fair. Is Laidlaw College “liberal?” This is a very important question to me, as I consider myself an evangelical through and through. I invite your response.

First of all it should be noted that the staff of Laidlaw College is made up of a range of theological scholars with a wide range of ideas. So, to define Laidlaw College as liberal or evangelical is problematic. We do not have one view. We are a conglomerate of diverse views. So, what would make us liberal or evangelical when we are not one thing? I am not sure. Further, would we want a college that presents one narrow “evangelical” view—surely, it is a great thing that there is diversity on the …