Tuesday, June 26, 2007

MXC and Deal or No Deal

I love MXC. It is a crazy program on Channel 4 with Japanese people doing crazy stunts with hilarious (if somewhat rude) American voice overs! The stunts are hilarious! I love it. These people are genuinely mad. Running head first into doors, racing over rollers, sprinting across rocks, swinging onto small stands; it is great fun! True entertainment for my appallingly small mind!

On the other hand I utterly deplore Deal or No Deal on TV3. It is a shocker. I cannot believe in the 21st century that a program today would have all those women standing around posing with their cleavages barely covered (only due to some double sided tape). The show itself has absolutely no merit except the gamble and tension of wondering what is in the next suitcase. I hate the show and it should be removed! I am sure it will due to shocking ratings!

Take in MXC... it is good!


I cannot believe that NZ and the Aussies are critical of the Boks for not bringing down their A team for the away games in the Tri Nations. The Aussies have taken away substandard teams to Europe for a number of years now. As for NZ, it is a joke for us to complain. Apart from taking away weakened teams for a number of years and rotating our team last season there is the slight problem of the Super 14 reconditioning. Ridiculous to complain! We are determined to win the World Cup and so are they. They have a royal chance and now is their only chance to get the team up for the World Cup. So I say, go for it! Good on them.

I don't think it is a good time to do so however. They need time together, combinations etc. These are their last games leading into the Cup and they need to work to gain confidence.

So I say, good on them, and question whether it will help them. Imagine what confidence they would have gained from coming down here and smashing us on our home patch! They now do not have the opportunity. Remember England in 2003; NZ, SA and Aust beaten in 3 weeks. The belief was there for them then.

But as for NZ complaining... get real!

Monday, June 25, 2007

BCNZ, worship, evangelism and more

I don't know who reads this blog but I want to get something off my chest. To me BCNZ has as responsibility to the NZ church. It is to lead the way in the equipping of leaders for ministry in the church, mission and society.

I love Mark Strom's desire to see us connect more with society. I agree with him wholeheartedly; that we need to prepare people to take Christ into all dimensions of society with the big vision of the tranformation of the whole world into its created intention. All I can say is, yay, thanks God for bringing this.

I am thrilled that BCNZ still equips students for overseas mission and pray that we continue to do so and do it better and better.

I love the way that Merv Coates and Stuart Lange and others train people for pastoral ministry and leadership. More!

I praise God for Dave Wells who is a legend and who is doing a brilliant job of equipping people for youth ministry... more!

But there are holes in what we do; big ones. Most of us who are getting a bit longer in tooth in the Lord recognise that worship in the church aint what it could be. It has become egocentric, singing-dominated, triumphalistic and threatens to be rock concert rather than worship etc. Yet, we as a College do not provide training for worship leaders. We do not cause students to engage the emerging church movement, worship in church history, worship in the Scriptures and more!

Then there is evangelism. To me the western church has utterly lost its nerve, put off by the secularism, science, contemporary atheistic philosophy, relativism, tolerance, pluralism and more! Yet we do not have a course in evangelism of any note. Courses where students can engage with evangelism in the Scriptures, in church history, models of evangelism, great evangelists and more.

I could say that same about children's ministry; the best program of training in the nation should be run from BCNZ.

So... what about restructuring the ministry degree with majors in different areas of ministry. Have a BTheol for those who want to study theology in depth, preparing for teaching or preferring a theological emphasis.

What about a BMin with majors in mission, pastoral leadership, youth, children's ministry, evangelism, worship... is their anything missing there? Let me know if you think of something.

In the first two years of the degree the students would study the basic theological, biblical, church history subjects. Then they do focussed study in their chosen ministry area. Preferably it would involve a balance of practical and theological; that is, an internship type thing.

We don't need people with Doctorates in these areas. The course director can have a doctorate and teach in their preferred area. The practitioners need to be people of sound theology but also the best in their business. Find the best worship leaders, best evangelists, best children's workers and so on...

For me this is as important as the need of broadening our focus to the interface of Christ and society, the big project.

If we do this and do it well, we will find ourselves utterly overwhelmed with people wanting to come and study!

Weekend wrap up

What a great weekend. The America's Cup went from the sadness of losing to the joy of winning. It was great to see Team NZ win a race. To me, Alinghi looks quicker though. I hope I am wrong, I pray I am wrong; but I get the feeling they are quicker. That being said though, if they can't hack the pressure, Alinghi may not have the team.

The All Blacks were fantastic. Sure, there were far too many handling errors and our lineout was not great. But this is the first game of such intensity for us after a flight to Durban, in what we call tropical heat, and against a fired up South African team. We had a number of scoring opportunities and the South Africans benefited from an intercept. By the last 15 minutes they were out on their feet. Great stuff NZ. How on earth Rodney S was named man of the match I will never know, Richie McCaw was sensational! He tackled and took the ball up incessantly. We are on track for France. It will be a huge challenge to now fly to Melbourne and front up against the desperate Aussies! They will be desperate and they still have match winners through the backline. Our forwards must destroy them!

The netball was brilliant. I was wanting the Force to win, but as I thought, the Sting were too level headed under pressure. Force had the chance to win and lost their bottle. We need Donna Wilckens in the Kiwi team for the World Champs. I hope she fronts. It would be sensational for her to score the winning goal after that fateful world champs on Chch a few years back. With her and Irene in the circle, I simply can't see us losing the world champs. I think the midcourters are back to their best; the Aussies were flattered by Temepara and Adene W being out of form and overcoming injuries. I truly believe we can win the World Champs.

Go the rowers. I am an indoor rowing addict; 10 k a day. Today I did my second best 500m ever, 1.24.8; but man these real rowers are extraordinary. We are amazing and get far too little attention! I can't wait for the World Champs and then the Olympics next year. Mark my words, the Ever-Swindells and Mahe Drysdale will be back!

And what about Bevan Docherty! He is a super athlete winning another triathlon.

So what am I looking forward to this week; the North Island Cross Country Champs. I have two daughters running... I will let you know how they go!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I was shocked watching the news last night seeing the story about the arrest of a ring of men from around the world who watch paedophilia live on the net. It even involves people requesting of the criminals that they do this and that to these poor kids. This is shocking and a disgrace to our civilisation.

These people should be castrated and incarcerated for life!

I am not an advocate of the death penalty but when I read of such heinous crimes I believe there is a next best thing.

Kids are precious. They are vulnerable and depend on our love and care for them. Anyone who violates them sexually deserves nothing but the fullest treatment of the law. Some may bemoan my attitude too harsh advocating 'restorative justice' rather than punitive. I agree with many of the notions of restorative justice and our justice system needs much work in this regard. I agree that minor offences in this regard can be dealt with in a restorative way. However, another function of justice is protection; especially where we find the weak and vulnerable. When we find people who kill or seriously violate children whether unborn or born, they must be dealt with.

I hope any NZers will be caught and dealt with in the most extreme fashion. Certainly they will face extreme justice before God who tells us it is better to tie a millstone around our necks and throw ourselves into the sea or indeed to emasculate ourselves rather than sin in this way!

If you read this and have any problems in this area... get out and get help!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Rugby Season So Far

About 3 months out from the world cup where are things at. Well there has been one game that counts, Australia 19 South Africa 22. This can tell us one of a few things. Perhaps the Australians are much better than we expected. Perhaps the South Africans are worse. Perhaps the Australians had a good day, the South Africans a poor day. We won't know until the Tri-Nations plays itself out.

The AB's to me have not been good. They look either like a side that is on the wane or they are simply going through the motions preparing for the big games ahead. They should have won the first three games by more points and with a more clinical effort. They drop too much ball and overcook their attack without doing the basics. The loss of the locks means we are weaker at lineout time and have a real weakness opposition teams can target.

So for me the season has begun and the SA NZ clash at Durban will tell us more. The outcome is not that important in terms of the WC to come. However, we will get more insight into how teams are going.

So... let's wait and see.