Saturday, October 8, 2011

Ten Reasons Why A.J. Miller is NOT Jesus!

Note: Forgive me for the long blog, but this one really got me going!
Last Sunday night on TV One's Sunday aired the report A.J. The Messiah. The program was the story of A.J. Miller in Queensland in Australia, who, unlike most of us, genuinely believes that he is Jesus. Miller appears at one level to be a normal Aussie bloke, in his early thirties, longish brown hair, unshaven, good looking, articulate and charismatic. Yet, unlike anyone I know but in the manner of other Messiah-claimants, he says without inhibition, "I am actually Jesus." He claims to remember vividly his former life and death including his experience of crucifixion. The memories supposedly began when he was 2 years old and realised later that he was Jesus around 33. In the program he writes on a white-board, "I am Jesus. Deal with it"—to applause from his congregation. He has disciples, some of whom claim to have been with him 2000 years ago including Mary Magdalene who is his "soul-mate' and remembers vividly watching his "annihilation." Her family too thinks she is mad. Then there is Cornelius the soldier who claims to remember Jesus healing his servant (Luke 7) and recalls being asked to execute Jesus but not being able to nail him to the cross because of the love in his eyes—this was his death sentence in his "first life." A.J. is most definitely an attractive and dynamic man. When asked whether he did certain the miracles in Scripture, he says he did some like the healings and raising Lazarus. He did not walk on water apparently, nor turn water into wine. Helpful, because this sort of thing is observable. His mum tried to commit him to a psychiatric work. Miller writes this off as the same as his family in the first century who all thought he was mad—there is evidence of this in the Scriptures of course. He has no nail marks in his hands because, "it's not the same body."
This Miller does not appear mad. He genuinely believes his own story. If anything, he is deluded. In the story, we see him helping people find release from their addictions, get in touch with their pain, and having powerful emotional experiences. Rev David Millikan, a cult specialist and the reporter in the program, describes what he does as, "rehab, new-age, pop psychology." Millikan goes on, "he sets up as sort of spiral where people get dragged down and down and down and people are asked to plumb the depth of emotions from which many of them can never escape... One of his techniques is to help them find emotional trauma in their family." The people lap his stuff up with deep emotional experiences as he speaks. Miller genuinely believes he holds the salvation of the world in his hands. He spreads the word through You Tube and the web. There are 100,000 of his DVD's in circulation. He calls his message the "the Divine Love path" which offers oneness with God through his teachings. His community is called "God's way of love community" with disciples who have left businesses, family and everything to follow him. He has an inner core of thirty or so and a special thirteen, reincarnated to spread his message. Some are giving money, and he is buying land around the world, and setting up communities which he calls sanctuaries.
His message is tearing marriages and families apart. The program featured one Dhughaighn MacMurirch who spoke of losing his wife to the movement, and the pain it has caused. MacMurirch said he would like to "tear his throat right out!"— that would not faze A.J, they did something like this the first time around. Another woman testified in his meeting without any qualms at all, "yesterday I left my husband of thirty years!" She had decided on the basis of his teaching, that her husband was not her "soul-mate" because of his teaching. Miller is into soul-mates, God reveals whether our spouses are or are not ours, and if not, we can leave our present one and God will help us find the true one. As with any prophets and self-proclaimed Messiahs, any challenge to his teaching has little effect on him because of his claim to divine authority. He said to Millikan when challenged, "now now, David, you engage, read your bible, what was said about me in the first century, what does it say Jesus did in the first century"" When challenged further by Millikan that he is dangerous, A.J. simply resorted to the argument that people in the first century treated him the same way and challenged Millikan that he will come back for a deeper discussion in the future.
His teaching is classically apocalyptic, good vs. evil. Evil spirits are the explanation for the struggles of life. One disciple admits being overrun with demons and going on drinking binges. He believes a horrendous cataclysm is about to engulf the world and his communities are to prepare for this. He will emerge a saviour from the chaos. Some of the things he has said are that a continent is going to rise next to Hawaii, a 100m tsunami will hit Australia and other events such devastating earthquakes. Countries will disappear, others will change completely, and some emerge. One of the most troubling things in the program is Miller interacting with children! He is great with them and they clearly they love him. He answers their questions. When asked whether God has a mum and dad, he says that is the hardest question to answer, "I have lived now for 2000 years and I don't know the answer."
So, is this guy the Messiah? Jesus back at last? Has the second coming occurred, quietly and unobtrusively in Australia? Aside from jokes about Jesus being and Aussie, what can we say? From the documentary there are clear reasons that we can be certain he is not on the basis of the Scriptures:
  1. His bodily form is wrong: If A.J. were Jesus, he would indeed show the scars on his hands and feet. Contrary to popular belief, Jesus remains the same guy he was when he died and rose on earth. As such, he will be a first century Jewish male, not a tall lean Caucasian Aussie born man.
  2. His seeming return is wrong: Christ's return in the Scriptures will be a dynamic visible event in "the same way" as his departure (Acts 1:11). He will not be in the form of a baby born of a woman in Australia and live in seclusion in the outback starting another movement. He has done that. He is coming back full on to bring about the final restoration of his world, the resurrection, the judgment, and the eternal state. This guy is just another false messiah; one of the many Jesus predicted would come (Mark 13).
  3. His attitude to Scripture is wrong: A.J. appeals to Scripture in the story when it suits such as, his division of families, his own family's accusations of madness and rejection. He says he did certain miracles, but not others. He distorts it.
  4. His ministry is wrong: Jesus was not a pop-psychologist helping people get in touch with their emotions to be released from addictions. Jesus healed people with word and touch, powerfully releasing them from emotional and physical trauma through miracle. This guy does no miracles; he simply uses emotional manipulation, which causes people to attach to him. Jesus was not interested in attachment to him, but healing to become truly human and to go and engage in the mission of the kingdom.
  5. His sexuality is wrong: A.J. is clearly not celibate. He left the Jehovah's Witness church for a problem with a hooker. He is now clearly involved with "Mary Magdalene" and she is not the first he has told is Mary. The real Jesus was never in a sexual relationship with Mary on his first coming, he was celibate. A.J.'s behaviour is more akin to a guy who has worked out how to get women through the manipulation of the mind and emotions—he is a great con man, but he believes his own rhetoric. 
  6. His interpretation of the world is wrong: A.J. is another of these people who reads the world totally apocalyptically, with evil spirits everywhere who invade the body and lead us to sin. A good look at Scripture sees that the world has evil, and there are spirits mentioned, but not everything is a direct result of evil spirits. In fact, the Scriptures see the world both as fallen, but also as a good place. It is classic cult-leader apocalyptic making people opt completely out and join his band.
  7. His attitude to mission is completely wrong: Jesus never behaved like this, gathering money, building isolated communities to avoid the disaster to come. He told his disciples to go into the world and engage; to witness in the context of the world sharing the message of God's love and acceptance. Yes, he called for the establishment of communities of faith, but these were to be mission centres as much as points of gathering. They weren't hiding places from a scary world, they were centres from which disciples went out and shared the message. This is classic apocalyptic withdrawal behaviour, hardly Jesus at all.
  8. His attitude to money is wrong: He is clearly seeking money to build his "empire." He is drawing it in from all over the world to set himself up. Jesus did nothing like this. He had no "place to lay his head." He died naked and poor. He lived through the generosity of women who travelled with him. He did not go looking for money but rebuked anyone who sought wealth at the expense of others. This guy is a classic empire building apocalyptic false prophet.
  9. His prophesies are wrong: A.J. claims that continents will emerge from the sea, tsunamis will engulf Australia, and earthquakes will split the world. As a good Aussie would say, "Yeah right." He is another doomsday madman who will be revealed as a false prophet rather quickly.
  10. His attitude to marriage and family is wrong: There is no evidence Jesus went out of his way to break up marriages and families, or that he had a theology of "soul-mates." Rather, Jesus preached the kingdom and people followed him. He did not set up to do so. He did not endorse such things. He stated that he split families, but there is no evidence of his splitting marriages. So, Peter travelled with his wife (1 Cor 9). Other family members travelled with Jesus, like James and John's mother the wife of Zebedee. When there is talk of "leaving families" it is not about the complete dissolution of relationships, these are mission engagement trips, with a good follower of God caring for their family and children. This is nonsense. Jesus wants us to love our wives and kids, and within the framework of the kingdom, that is our first priority.
All in all, A.J. is not Jesus and people should not be fooled! He is another fake. To me, he is downright dangerous. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry in fact. He is at one level, as the reporter said, a buffoon. At another level he is dangerous. His level of delusion and confidence, his charm and charisma, make him lethal. We need to pray that his movement will get broken up, and quick. Pray too for people who are trapped to be set free! God help them all. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

What a Nutbag. Would be very funny if people weren't being pulled in by this loon and Christian weren't being painted with the same brush as AJ.

Mark Keown said...

Agreed. He is not a Christian, can't be a Christian and believe yourself to be Christ. He is an Meian or something? A Millerite perhaps. He is definitely deluded--coherant, articulate, but deluded.

Anonymous said...

This person is dangerous because he manipulates other people. When I watched that program I also noted that he is teaching people to blame their own weaknesses on demons. They should be taking responsibility for their own bad decisions and let God change them for the better. It's true some things could be demons, but it's more likely a personal weakness.

Mark Keown said...

Yes, absolutely. It is interesting to read the five main theologians of the NT, Luke, Paul, John, Peter, and the writer of Hebrews. None of them are particularly interested in demons. Luke in Acts mentions a few instances e.g. Philippi in Acts 16. Paul does not even mention them in his letters and Satan sparingly. John, Peter, and Hebrews show no interest at all. Those who ascribe all our problems to demons zero in on Jesus' ministry alone. Jesus' miracles are in the main signs of the kingdom rather than things we will emulate, although we will pray for people and see some amazing things happen. They point to what the Kingdom is and will be. The exorcisms point to a world freed of evil, and people completely released. So, agree, sin is the real problem. He is way off the mark.

George Dunning said...

"What do I think" ....

I think the fact that this tv program was made is another example of how tv has become a trash medium filling lives with junk, there are exceptions but they are becoming fewer. This is just another example of putting a train wreck on the front page to sell new papers.

I think this guy is dangerous but no more dangerous than those who have gone before or will come after (or some in political or economic power) who use and abuse others for personal gratification. Whether he is cognoscente and manipulative or truly deluded I don't know, but I feel sorry for those whose lives are so unfulfilled by the lifes they endure that they find happiness/gratification in this scenario. I have no doubt some have seen their own opportunity to 'use' others and have tagged along for the ride (using the user) . . . it is a broken world and a broken society we live in.

I think Mark your reaction is understandable as you see someone you love parodied, your pain and love both come thru . . . people need to see that more as it brings a reality to relationship that you live in Christ, that is it shows that Jesus is a real person not just a distant crutch.

I wonder what local churches are doing in the vicinity of this 'commune'

I did not see the program but reading your blog, there were a gamut of emotions that welled up and then fell away again . . . but at the end it just confirmed to me that I am broken and judgmental ire raises its ugly head to easily in me. I think Jesus would have us pray for all involved, including AJ for whom he also died.

Mark Keown said...

All true George. There was one memorable moment in the doco when the disaffected husband said, "this guy wouldn't know Jesus if he came up and bit him on the arse." I think it sums things up. Yes, pray--always pray.

Anonymous said...

A.J.Miller is a FRAUD. I did a case study on him, I am a Student having almost completed my Bachelor of Theology through an Anglican college in Australia. I wrote 53 pages on this NRM Cult, he and his followers practice spitituism, chanelling, mediumship, are NOT Christian, but he is using the NAME of Christ to lure vulnerable people to him, he promises them much, but will only deliver them the the Accuser, of whom's works he is practicing. Please pry for these people NOT to be taken in, to SEE the LIE! We should also pray for Miller, who is lost in the Accusers web of deceit and his own greed & lust for power over others!

He is NOT a nutbag, as some think, he KNOWS exactly what he is doing!
He is promoting 'self godship' and bases it all on the Padgett Messages. He has with him, mediums, who all promote themselves through him, he is allied with a company that does seminars, you pay around $600 for a place in a 3-4 day seminar, the last day is *free* and guess who the CEO of the motivational company introduces to on that day, as the man who changed his life? You got it, MILLER!

Every cent donated to his 'Divine Truth' & 'God's way of Love' registered companies goes into Millers PERSONAL bank account, it seems the companies have NO bank accounts!

He is a false prophet and has and will continue to do agreat deal of harm!

Anonymous said...

It must be made clear here that you believe the Lord can materialize a body from thin air. You say Jesus would appear in His former body that was crucified, but you haven't thought about the mechanism. Would that mean gathering the same atoms, was the body kept intact in Heaven all this time, or will a new body be generated by gathering more atoms?
By this you appear a "nut," similar to A.J. Miller, who also teaches that powerful spiritual beings can materialize a body. You are in the same camp as he is, insofar as you believe in the materialization of bodies, which is unscientific and unproven. Your belief in Jesus coexists with a mind that imagines things that never existed in the real world.

ura sol said...

having watched quite a few videos on youtube of his talks and having read the text of this page and the comments i can guarantee you that the author and commenters i have read HAVE NOT listened to what aj is saying in any detail and haven't read his website.

i do not agree 100% with everything he says, however, i do know that:

a) he does not charge money for the sessions, his website states clearly that the events are funded by donation and he mentions this in many of the videos with complete transparency with no-one in the audience refuting him.

b) he is not promoting 'self godship', he clearly states that that is not what he is teaching.. SPECIFICALLY.

c) emotional processing is essential to enlightenment and healing & the basics of what he is saying are provably accurate. i know this through experience since i have also been learning the same ideas he is teaching and know many others who are too.

d) many people are so confused about who they are that their mind over-rides their heart and they simply throw abuse without knowing whether what they are saying is true or not.

e) documentaries on such subjects are rarely if ever unbiased. if we do not seek our own understandings based on our own explorations and instead just guess, assume or calculate probability without even looking at the available information and most importantly feeeel, we will never know.

may all know unconditional love.

Anonymous said...

Part 1: I have watched many of their videos and read several of their writings online and I must respectfully disagree with the writer. I’m very careful and cynical of anything that resembles trickery or manipulation of people. Lord knows we have enough of it in this world! This is why I have felt for many years that I could not trust what many in the Christian faith have preached. I mean, look at the indoctrination and the hypocrisy that is a bound! If we’re honest with ourselves, we can see this quite easily. In fact, what is a cult but a system that preaches one thing, does another and demands that you never question it or you’ll go to hell? Despite this we still go to church only to be beat down by fear tactics and rules that must not be broken, which actually make us suppress these deep emotions of hurt we have inside of us and don’t know how to get rid of. The result is that we live our lives thinking we’re loving when we’re not – because we don’t want to appear that we’re being “bad”. This stops us from being real, which is the only thing that God wants us to be! Despite seeing the blatant unloving hypocrisy in many religions, I have still always felt a deep desire to know God more. I felt God was more than these things. I felt God was not wrathful, jealous, vengeful nor violent, but rather loving, compassionate, patient and kind. We just didn’t understand how to connect with Him, in large part because we have been told to not feel our emotions, but this is exactly how God wants to connect with us – EMOTIONALLY. And he cannot do that when we’re living in fear. Look around. The whole world is walking around in fa├žade! Why? Because we don’t want to rock the boat. We don’t want to get “in trouble”. Can anyone be surprised that when truth actually is present that we would barely be able to recognize it?

What AJ talks about is engaging in our emotions so that we are real with ourselves 100%. What he teaches is connecting to Divine Love within our selves in order to connect with God fully. He talks at great length about humility, honesty with yourself and others at all times, pure desires, being loving with all creatures (He and Mary are vegan) at all times, removing fear from our hearts to connect to God and taking personal responsibility for ourselves and every action we take. I would love to know how this is a bad thing.

His teachings are online for free. He is very transparent with everything he does from what I can see. Sure, he has followers, but wouldn’t you if you were a teacher that taught things of any value? Is he supposed to talk to no one? If you were touched with someone suggesting how to improve life and heal your pain and it WORKED, wouldn’t you want to learn more?

Anonymous said...

Part 2: He does not claim to be God, EVER. He does not scare anyone into following him and doesn’t even hint that you should. He has repeatedly said that he just wants to teach how to get close to God. That’s it! He says he’s just a child of God, just like all of us. Always was. He tells everyone time and time again that he is no more special than any other person that has ever lived. He only expresses that he simply has in his personality an insatiable appetite to become closer to God. With that desire in him, he has discovered how to achieve atonement, which he claims to have done in the first century – and is working on again in this life in order to demonstrate in front of us all how it can be done for the world to see.

Now, I certainly can’t convince you to believe me. But I will say that their talks have helped me tremendously. I am closer with my family, myself, my girlfriend and God. I have always been a loving person, but watching these videos has helped me open up my heart even more. I have a greater understanding of God and my relationship with him. They have helped me look at myself with humility and see how these “sins” are simply out of harmony with love and how too improve from that space.

It has made me have the courage to talk openly with others about these principles of love and truth and people really respond to it. It’s a scary place to be when you push towards being in truth and love at all times, but I’m thankful to AJ and Mary for encouraging everyone to do this. As a result of their teachings, I now see with far more clarity the beautiful, logical and practical way that we can have heaven on Earth. All through our wonderful relationship with our creator, God.

Anonymous said...

If he is Jesus and therefore perfect, why does he need reading glasses?

Jules said...

a famous quote by Krishnamurti, reads 'I like your Christ, I do not like you Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ. if only you could see the comments you are writing in a different light. perhaps one day you will, I hope one day soon. Why is so much pleasure derived from putting people down? It makes one feel in power and strong and may I suggest that many of the negative comments I see here are written by people who feel strength from putting people down yet speak of Christ a person who is returning nothing but love. I have always struggled with religion, and now feel so open to the beauty this man 'AJ' speaks of and shows. If listened to with an open mind this makes beautiful sense. Cheers P.S just for the record who ever said Christ was perfect, is he not human too??????? He is showing us by example how to better ourselves our lives and our relationships

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Anonymous said...

Such an ironically foolish article. Truly. I have no connection with AJ, however, I know a little about his mission. I know a lot more about the mission of Jesus of Nazareth and I can only say one thing about your article - Everyone, including the family of Jesus of Nazareth, all claimed similar reasons why He could NOT be the Messiah. Can't you detect your own irony? Who are you to decide how, when, or why Jesus would return to earth? They were wrong back 2000 years ago; there may be a possibility that you are also wrong today. Once again, I have no 'belief' in AJ Miller, and I'm not a 'follower', although I have nothing against his mission or what he teaches, and you may be wise to be a little more humble in your judgement of what you 'think' Jesus should look or be like in his return. Seriously. This article could have been written 2000 years ago about Jesus of Nazareth - same story. Peace.

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Anonymous said...

He has a Twin Flame (soul mate) relationship and unfortunately has got carried away.

He has had a spiritual experience and has become grandiose.

Anonymous said...

For the comments stating he never claimed to be "God" he clearly states in a recent interview on a television program his name is "Jesus" and he has memories of the "1st coming". So to say he doesn't is in fact mis guided information. And he admitted to being given donations and he's jobless. None the less he's a very clever man who has a clear flair for speaking in past tense. My own feelings are that i find it somewhat insulting that the This morning popular uk television programme would promote this and indulge this deranged statement. I will say in this particular interview he did not enforce it Which makes a nice change. I do not wish to insult anyone but this is MY view and wished to get it across after reading informing article on this website

Anonymous said...

what is all the fuss about. He did SAY " I'LL BE BACK" its been 2000 yrs. why don't we roll with it. in the name of religion we have quite happily killed,condemed to misery and damnation and gone to countless wars because we believe or have been raised to believe what a handfull of so called "learned men" have decided is the truth, the whole truth and all the rest of that cxxp!!! Yet here we are 2013 with countless lessons apparently learnt,as dissmissive, argumentative and ignorant as our illiterate ancestors who still believe all intelligent women must be whitches, that demons sleep under the bed and the world is flat! HAPPY CHRISTMAS AND EASTER.

Anonymous said...

It's really sad that someone would use the powerful name of Jesus Christ to manipulate people. AJ miller is doing great harm. Trying to bring up people to make them better, just think, when they realize the truth, how much damage that would cause to those that really believe he was really doing the right thing. If he is talking disaster, he is looking into his own disaterious fate within hisself. I will pray for him; that he will stop this before many lives are destroyed.

Anonymous said...

Mi...vs the truth
anway everyone represents

Anonymous said...
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John Middlemas said...
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James Kiely said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Dont have enough proof

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone who looks here and may Our Lord and Saviour Bless You: I agree that this person is a false messiah. I was prompted by the Holy Spirit does his initials not put it more clearly. AJ as he is known my revaluation is that May be Anti Jesus. This person and cult has to be stopped. Pray and Fast pray for the family's and people who have been deceived by this very in my opinion wicked evil manipulative person. And I asked you please to pray in the name of our Lord and Saviour amen.

Felix the cat said...

Jesus and Mary have faq on their website and YouTube regarding the questions & claims& accusations raised here.

To love oneself & others means to fact check & not make false claims, no matter how good the cause. Even if you believe he is wrong (even peoeple who experiment with his teachings often disagree with him) , that is still not a reason to misrepresent Christian or other claims about God - not if one wants to be ethical.

Felix the cat said...

Mark, I wrote a comment on this explaining how what you are claiming here is not true and why.

Now it seems to have been deleted. The second one is still on, but the point of it is lost without the first one. I'm pretty sure it was here at the start but not certain.

Felix the cat said...

Oh,Anonymousm: Aj claims to be Jesus, not God, and that he became "at one with God", and is going through the same process now.
He does not agree with John's writings.

I feel it comes down to that evil cannot bear good fruit, it can only pretend.

Anonymous also claimed the Holy Spirit guided him. Many people say this kind if thing to justify all different things.

Aj/ Jesus says spirits influence people (just like he said in first century) and I feel his description of this fits my observations and experience. An Islamic spirit would project much the same thing to a Muslim, and the Muslim also can't tell the difference between a spirit who wants to influence or control or "help" or truly help a person.

Just like CS Lewis's argument: he is either a liar, a lunatic or telling the truth (what he actually says, not what a zealot says he says).
All those possiblities can be measured.

Anonymous said...

I am a psychologist with an earned doctorate from an accredited school in America. This article has some good and non productive points. I have looked at AJ's website and videos. I don't agree with his emotionally cathartic techniques nor do I believe he is Jesus. However some of AJ's commentary on religion and the bible do display some logic far more than the 10 points this author discusses to refute the message that AJ teaches. The bible has many contradictions which lead one to determine what one ought to do, which is part of its appeal to the spirit of the reader. This message asks me to prove I am not a robot. It seems AJ is doing the same. JA Jones, Ed.D

Anonymous said...

I have the first hand experience to prove that this Pseudo psychology is harming children. Is anyone else willing to share their experiences in order to protect children from further abuse?

Anonymous said...

According to 1Peter 2:22 Yeshua did no sin. AJ Miller did sin. The Bible says that wolves will come in sheep's clothing and Mr. Miller is a good example of that because he appears to be kind, insightful and helpful. I pray for those who have fallen victim to his guile.

Anonymous Writer said...

I have not studied the bible and am not religious at all. I found this blog and just wanted to share my current experience in regards to AJ miller and his teachings.
I have known my husband for almost 13 years and have been married to him for almost 5 years. I can honestly say I've been generally happy all these years...until probably the past year or so since he has started listening to AJ's lectures..he has changed and become almost a completely different person from who I used to know. I went to this website: and the 5 main points mentioned there are spot on to who he has become. My husband and I are currently taking time apart for about a month now... I simply do not know what to do and how to get the man I knew back.
This is a short summary of my experience. Any feedback, advice is much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

He is as dangerous as teal bosworth scott swan and scientology. i can't people fall for cults, instead of spending energy outside they should work on self esteem. know thy self, that's the secret here, cleanse, lapidate our spirit, help, volunteer for others, stop killing animals, be good and evolve

Anonymous said...

Sadly, my long-time girlfriend (who I wanted to make my wife) left me shortly after starting to listen to AJ. Her reason? "I can't be with you because I want to listen to AJ". Any well-thought out criticism I make of him is sharply rebuked without any logical consideration. My personal belief is that AJ talks about dark spirits all the time because he himself is overrun with them, and his emotionally trapped followers soon become victims to the same spirits.

Anonymous said...

There is only one thing sadder than a deluded, psychopath and his vulnerable, gullible, needy, emotionally unstable followers; critiquing him from the perspective of actually believing something written in a book by ignorant peasants 2000 years ago as though it has any more credibility or is the basis for rational argument / rebuttal.

Anonymous said...

I have been experiencing a spiritual trancendence over the last 2 years commencing at 40. it has Led me to seek truth devouring all knowledge in written,audio & visual format & via the Internet . Severe chrinic Anxiety & Depression PTSD Agoraphobia ,Alcohol Dependency& substance abuse. Receiving a Miracle through the deep sense of knowing & feeling LOVE from our Creator has been the catalyst for transformation & reason i am still alive today.. As experienced after Prayer not for myself but for my daughters. To this day i continue to experience somatic pain as a result of trauma sexual abuse, neglect, abandonment, emotional abuse & betrayal. I forgive & feel grateful blessed although still requiring of healing. i jhave researched & uncovered the same basic philosophies spanning the entire spectrum - Only LOVE is real ...All else is illusion. AJ radiates the same messages of Love via scribe Helen Shumacher "acourse in miracles" which has transformed countless lives. TRUTH can be attained va Mediumship or Re-Incarnated Beings to assist us develop - His message is one of empowerment healing love forgiveness & faith . I will continue my journey in solitude developing growing expanding connecting simplicity purity & wholeness
AJ I wish u the best - U have inspired me today

Anonymous said...

I have been experiencing a spiritual trancendence over the last 2 years commencing at 40. it has Led me to seek truth devouring all knowledge in written,audio & visual format & via the Internet . Severe chrinic Anxiety & Depression PTSD Agoraphobia ,Alcohol Dependency& substance abuse. Receiving a Miracle through the deep sense of knowing & feeling LOVE from our Creator has been the catalyst for transformation & reason i am still alive today.. As experienced after Prayer not for myself but for my daughters. To this day i continue to experience somatic pain as a result of trauma sexual abuse, neglect, abandonment, emotional abuse & betrayal. I forgive & feel grateful blessed although still requiring of healing. i jhave researched & uncovered the same basic philosophies spanning the entire spectrum - Only LOVE is real ...All else is illusion. AJ radiates the same messages of Love via scribe Helen Shumacher "acourse in miracles" which has transformed countless lives. TRUTH can be attained va Mediumship or Re-Incarnated Beings to assist us develop - His message is one of empowerment healing love forgiveness & faith . I will continue my journey in solitude developing growing expanding connecting simplicity purity & wholeness
AJ I wish u the best - U have inspired me today

Erin said...

I have personal experience and I have been trying to protect children for the past 10 years

Erin said...

I hope your husband has returned to reality

Erin said...

Is there anyway of reading your case study?

Erin said...

This is common AJ influence I'm so sorry to say. I'm hoping you don't have children with your ex??

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Robbo said...

He can't be Jesus, because I am.

Anonymous said...

well at least he isn't the freakin President!!!

Anonymous said...

This is a very scary man and hopefully someone will stop him in his tracks. How can anyone possibly believe this man is Jesus?

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Anonymous said...

Heavenly Father, I glorify You and thank You for calling me to You, for teaching me Your Word so that I am able to discern the difference between Your holy ways and the sugar-coated, self-serving lies that Satan sends out through his worldly servants. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, I ask that you cast out the lies and the false teachings and the fog of deception so that others are no longer mislead. I ask that You show Satan's lies for what they really are ... smoke and mirrors from the ultimate deceiver who wants only to turn people away from You and to prevent them from finding fulfillment and strength and comfort and love in You. You alone can truly heal the broken pieces of our lives and our hearts. You alone have conquered death. You alone can turn weakness into strength. Your power knows no equal. Your mercy knows no end. Your love knows no limits. I pray this in the name of Your beloved Son, my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen.

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