Tuesday, February 6, 2007

What would you do?

What would you do?

I know of one family who have 3 teenage kids selected for a NZ sports team to play at a U19 World Champs. They play in an unfunded sport. They need $6000 each to make the trip. The family do not have the sort of money or income to pay for it. They live in a cheap rental through their work, and do own a small unit on which they have a mortgage of about $180,000. The only way they can fund the trip is to increase the mortgage. They are applying for funding at every possible community funding agency that they can think of. The kids haven't really got time to work for the money because they also play another sport at provincial level and are high academic achievers. The other problem is that the team management require the money progressively to pay for the ongoing costs as they come in such as gear and travel. So while they may fund it through community funding, they have to front up progressively (e.g. $4500 by Feb 24). This means the mortgage is the only option; although if funding comes, they can pay the mortgage back as it comes in.

So the question is: does the family withdraw the kids from the trip because it is too expensive and unmanageable OR does the family increase the mortgage and continue to seek the money from funding agencies.

It's a tough question. If they pull them out, they are missing a glorious opportunity. But is it worth it? Any thoughts will be most welcome.

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