Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Rugby Part 3

Yet more of rugby's problems spring to mind.

15. The absence of free to air broadcasts: another problem is that lack of rugby on free to air. Some would bemoan this and say that if you are serious you would get sky. Well it is $64/month to get sky. That is a lot for a family like ours with three teenagers with all the costs and the costs of life. Currently what is there is on Prime and not all get it and if your place is like ours, the reception sux. For rugby to hold NZ's interest it must be the sport of the people, available to all, free. A slight delay is not an issue if that keeps Sky happy. But it has to be there, for people to view. This has the effect of people losing touch with the game. The teams of full of names they do not know. The shift from Super 14 to NPC becomes confusing for the fringe supporters and other interests take that place. Knowing the players, knowing the teams are basics.
16. Night rugby: night rugby is supposed to enhance crowds, but does it? In the middle of winter at Jade Stadium? Is that the best option. What about rugby with the winter sun on the backs at 2.30 on a Saturday. It has always produced the best rugby. Again we have broken from tradition and we are paying the price to keep the corporates happy.

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