Monday, December 17, 2007

Athletic Stars of the Future

We have some class coming through in athletics. I was there at the secondary school nationals last weekend and there were some super performances. Fraser Wicks is quick. In one race he broke the national junior and senior 400m time. Fantastic! He looked like a young Michael Johnson! Dallas Bowden will be a star. He has a blistering finish, demolishing the 800m and 1500m fields. He is class. He had to run a heat for the 1500 and a heat and semi for the 800m leading in. Look out for this class athlete. Hannah Newbould followed up last years cliff-hanging Junior 1500m victory with a senior win in the 1500 senior event. She is strong and beat off some real class in her victory. Esther Keown was similarly dynamic in winning the junior event. We have real strength in junior middle distance running coming through with a number of good times posted. Sarah McSweeney continues to dominate the Steeplechase, winning just a couple of hours after a fine second in the 3000m. Olivia Burne too was superb in oppressive heat in winning this event. There is some real promise here.

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