Nick Willis is Legende!

Nick Willis rocks my world. Fantastic performance. 3rd in an Olympic middle distance event for a white boy from Lower Hutt in today's athletic scene with the dominance of the east Africans in the sport is an astonishing effort. He ran a cool race, trusted himself, waited and came through. He lost the first two and couldn't challenge them for gold, but hey, that can come in London!

Rightly he gives God the glory. God is into running cause he made us to run. He made us to fly and Nick can fly. God sure smiles when Nick runs because Nick does it for him. He is no atheist or agnostic who blindly ignores that there must be a God behind this amazing world, the wonders of humanity made in his image and of course Jesus! So he is onto it. He deserves it. Fantastic.

I know Nick personally. He is an utter inspiration to my kids who all run and are pretty good. One or all of them hope to be running at London or beyond with him in the future.

Steve his brother deserves a mention. Awesome job coaching him, taking a year off, legend.

Not to forget Bevan Docherty and the greatest of them all perhaps, Valerie Vili. She is sensational. She didn't just win, she dominated. That is amazing, beating off the east Europeans comfortably.

It is all good for NZ athletics, Sparc should give it more money! Woohoo!

Go Kiwi. Go God. Go Jesus.


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