Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Black Caps

In light of the absence of anything decent to contribute to the world, I will make a few comments on the Black Caps that I need to get off my chest.

I really don't get the selection of the Black Caps for the first test against the Windies beginning in Dunedin tomorrow. Here are some questions. 1) Why drop an opener who has just scored 83 against Australia in a test in Australia? That is a disgrace to me. Sure, Redmond has not done that well. But he has shown good promise in England despite not performing in the test. He appeared to come of age in that innings. So why drop him? Of course, it may be because his name is Redmond, remember Rodney? 2) Why drop NZ's best opening quick for the last 10 years, Chris Martin? I don't get this. Over 140 test wickets, bowled well in Australia, if not quite at full tilt yet. Surely, a couple of tests on NZ green wickets against the hapless Windies are just what he needed to go past 150 test wickets. Wierd! 3) Why drop NZ's exciting new opening bowling talent, Tim Southee. He performed brilliantly in the first innings in Brisbane. Yet, they dropped him! Surely, nothing would have been better than letting him loose in NZ conditions against the Windies who have not played test cricket for 6 months and who never do that well in our conditions! Bizarre! 4) Why pick James Franklin? Sure, he is a good bowler fully fit. He is also a good batsman. But he will bat at 8-10, and has not shown his ability with the ball. Surely, Southee and Martin would be a better bet! I don't get it. I do like the move of Ryder to #5 and to Flynn to #3.

Redmond, Southee and Martin are hard done by. The team should be the same as that which played Australia in Adelaide with the addition of Oram i.e. Redmond, Howe, Flynn, Taylor, Ryder, Oram, McCullem, Vetorri, Southee, O'Brien, Martin. If any failed they could make changes for the next test or series. These selectors need their heads read. No doubt Redmond will join the list of batsmen destroyed by the in-out policy of the NZ selectors in recent years. Remember Sinclair, Bell, Vincent, McMillen, Astle etc. Batting requires time and opportunity.

I would still think Sinclair and Bell have claims to be selected.

Having blathered on for a while, I do think we will knock over the Windies. I can't see them competing in our conditions. If they do, it is a sad day for NZ cricket and we are going from bad to worse.

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