Saturday, June 13, 2009

Money, money, money!

Have you read this: It is about a daughter who thought she would be nice to her mum. She thought she would buy her a new matress and get rid of her old one. She did so. The only problem was is that Mum had $160m stuffed in the mattress. This is a great illustration of how a good deed can go wrong. Last I heard they were searching for the mattress and money at the dump! Haven't heard whether she got her money back.

Then there is the latest news that Ronaldo has been sold by Man United for $205m NZ: Ridiculous! We are in a global recession and this sort of nonsense is going on. What is the place of sport in our culture? It has got out of kilter. Sport is great to develop character, let off steam, enjoy our createdness, learn values and provide relief from the struggles of life. Yet, here it is totallyout of balance. No one is worth that much money! It is the god of mammon who is ruling over our world, leading us astray, latching onto our greed and bringing us into his dominion.

Jesus said, you cannot serve both God and money. He said it will cause many to fall astray. Paul warned it is a trap that will bring down humanity. Surely, we have seen in the recent meltdown the effects of greed. The whole thing is a disgrace and makes me want to vomit.


georgenz said...

2 different stories there mate, and the Ronaldo one is a shocker on the back of the Kaka transfer the other it shows the mindlessness that has over taken professional sport. Then again I had a friend visit an employment lawyer the other day and that was $300/hr + GST!

Nice to see you back.

Joseph Collins said...

This is why we must continue to promote good ethics and worldview. Everytime I see a car worth more than 20,000 I get annoyed a little because people are dropping dead like flies because of our wanting better stuff. I also think buying daily coffee for over 50cents as just as ignorant.

George, I had Laidlaw College bill me for $700 for 30mins of effort pushing grades from one box to another! Sounds worse than lawyer fees! Just because other uni's charge these fees does not mean all have to follow suit. I honestly don't see myself getting a degree when I finish my studies!

Dr Mark K said...

You highlight a real challenge for us at college for sure Joseph. We are working in the systems of the world but need to reflect Christ and his values. I would love to know more about this. Drop me an email so I can fully understand what happened. I hope you do finish your degree.