Saturday, August 15, 2009

7's and Golf and Olympics

Should 7's and golf get admission to the 2016 Olympics?

To me the answer is an unambiguous, no! There are multiple reasons 7's should not be there. First, it is not the top flight of rugby. It is a derivation sport played by the next tier of players and not the top players. So the best players in the world will not be there. Second, it is not truly a sport played by both genders. It is a novelty sport mainly played by men. I really can't believe it is in the Olympics. Having said that, NZ might win a gold medal, so it is good for us! Mind you, soccer should not be there either. It is an U23 event and the best players are not there. There are enough rugby and soccer tournaments without this.

Golf should not be there. The pinnacle of golf are the 4 majors and that is that. Winning an Olympic gold may excite some players but ultimately, it will become a second rate event. It should not be there.

Just what should and should not be there is an interesting question. The summer sport list includes aquatics, archery, athletics, badminton, baseball, basketball, boxing, kayaking, cycling, equestrian, fencing, football/soccer, gymnastics, handleball, hockey, judo, modern pentathlon, rowing, sailing, shooting, softball, table tennis, taekwondo, tennis, triathlon, volleyball, weightlifting and wrestling.

Looking at the list, those sports with an ancient heritage from the Greek games of old like athletics and wrestling should be there. Rowing has its roots in that age as does archery, fencing and arguably equestrian and sailing, so it makes sense that they are there. Sports that focus on individual effort in a similar way like swimming, triathlon, cycling, boxing, kayaking, judo, taekwondo etc seem to fit nicely. Gymnastics has to be there with its tumbling, vaulting, motion and movement. Modern pentathlon is appropriate with its set of all round skills. Shooting fits as it has the sense of combat which the ancient games had, linking sport and military combat. Similarly, weightlifting fits the idea of strongest, fittest and fastest. Questionable must be badminton, baseball, basketball, handball, hockey, softball, table tennis and volleyball. Some of these games are a great watch though for sure. In common these games are team sports and so it seems to me that it is here that the problem lies. Should they be there and if so, which ones, and on what criteria?

Whatever, I don't get Sevens and golf being there. What do you think?

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Joseph Collins said...

Classic. Literally. Keep it genuine Athens stuff. Hmmm ... but let's keep it contemporary enough to keep out the nude gore and any future Nazi's.