Sunday, April 4, 2010

Another Resurrection Thought

Isn't it ironical that new life started in a tomb, so appropriate. Jesus, laid in Joseph's tomb, thoroughly dead, as the separated blood indicated. Sinless, he overcomes death, and is raised to life; the only man to overcome death through righteousness. That moment of resurrection is the beginning of a new creation. In the midst of a space set for death, life begins. From there it flows to all nations. The river of life flows from a scene of death and despair. I like that thought.

Of course, it is Jesus himself who is the new temple (Ezek 40-42). It is Jesus upon whom the glory of God comes (Ezek 43). It is from Jesus that the river that brings life flows (Ezek 47). The water flows through all the world, the Spirit of God, released to all humanity by God. It is fresh, full of life. Is there a play on fish and 'I will make you fishers of people'? Are humans the fish as life flows out, they are 'captured alive' and fill the river? And they eat from the trees that line the bank, the leaves never wither, healing is in them. Shalom.

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