Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Back to Jerusalem

I remember when I read the Heavenly Man a few years ago and saw that there were Chinese Christians with a desire to head east with the gospel until they reach Jerusalem. I didn't take much note of it. Being here has ramped my interest in this idea big time.

In preparation for a sermon I looked into Google Books and found a title 'Back To Jerusalem' by Paul Hattaway in which three Chinese Church Leaders speak of the vision. It is a very intriguing idea. One chapter speaks of how the gospel spread west after Christ. These Chinese leaders had looked east and seen the Islamic world which resists the gospel.

They have a strategy to go into these countries, start Chinese restaurants and from these bases establish networks of 'underground' house church's. These are people worthy of respect. They have all suffered greatly for Christ. They know what it means to live in a persecuted context, the Chinese church exploding after Communism in 1949 and despite persecution. They are ready to die for Jesus. They know how to function.

They are all inspired by the initial vision of Hudson Taylor who was truly incarnational in his approach, learning the Chinese language, taking on their clothing, and working in unity with the Chinese of all denominations. It was Taylor's vision that saw the gospel go from the eastern Chinese seaboard into the rural regions of China. These Chinese leaders see their mission as continuing this on until the gospel is fully proclaimed through to Jerusalem.

I have to say this lights my fire! It is exciting. They see it as completing the Great Commission. I will have to ponder this idea, will it be? Anyway, it is an amazing vision. May it come to be.

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