Monday, September 6, 2010

Evangelism (Evangelogy): The Elements of Mission

The Elements of Mission
Mission is bigger than evangelism. The full mission of God in our view involves the restoration of all that has gone wrong through the Fall. It presupposes a rich vision of God creating this world out of love that would be free from evil in which all would be whole. Society would be based on goodness, love, peace and joy. The creation itself would be stable and cared for by those who people the world. God and people would live together in glorious harmony and peace would prevail at every level of the world. The mission then is the putting right of what has gone wrong. Central to this is the good news of God's intervention in Jesus to restore people's relationship with God, with each other and with the world.

That being the case, within this broad vision of mission:
Believers are called by God to work with others to make Jesus Christ known through:
-                    the empowerment of the Spirit and obedience to His leading[1]
-                    unlimited unconditional love and sacrificial service[2]
-                    lavish response to material need[3]
-                    relentless communication of the good news of Jesus (see above)[4]
-                    the formation of a Christ-centred renewed humanity[5]
-                    the nurture and teaching of people in the Christian faith[6]
-                    seeking to transform all of human society for good[7]
-                    building God’s world through gifts and vocational calling[8]
-                    care for God’s creation[9]

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