Monday, December 13, 2010

Give it away Goff!

The latest TV 3 Reid Research political poll spells the end of Goff's leadership ( He is being slaughtered by Key. The stats say it all:

National 55.5%; Labour 31.2%; Greens 7.3%. The rest are also-rans: NZ First 1.9%; Maori 1.7%; ACT 1.3%; United Future 0.1%.

The preferred PM rankings are no better: Key 54.1%; Goff  6.8%; Helen Clark 5.3%.

A few things jump out of this: 1) National can govern alone so don't need ACT. They will have to make a call on Epsom, will they effectively stand aside for ACT or consign them to political history? I suspect the former because long term the centre right will need the extreme right, but is Rodney worth it? In recent years his hypocrisy has been exposed. 2) NZ First for all the noise about Winston's return are not making much of a dent. He is fish and chip wrapping now; 3) United Future is virtually dead in the water, can't see any way back for them; 4) Destiny are not looking likely to take over NZ, and we are well past the 5 year mark; 5) The Greens are doing well which is good environmentally but not so good socially in my view; 6) Goff has nearly dropped below Helen Clark domiciled in New York and retired from NZ politics! Unbelievable and embarrassing.

Surely it is time for Labour to move to appoint a new leader. They need to do so soon to allow that person as they go into an election year. Goff has no presence. His latest gaff over David Cunliffe/Caygill is one step too far. He looks more uncomfortable than Richie McCaw in a dress. It is time. The question is who will take over? NZ needs a strong left/right option moving ahead. They cannot simply let National dominate like this without putting up some kind of fight.

Looking at NZ politics from the perspective of Christian parties, the demise of United Future is the last gasp for the present. There is no Christian party option and Christians who want this can be said to have completely failed to achieve any lasting impact in NZ politics. In one sense this is good because 'Christian' parties are not really something I relate to. On the other hand, it is symbolic of NZ's Christian inability to do what is essential to the faith, work together in unity for a common goal. Surely, in a nation with the social issues we face, and with a gospel for the poor and creation, we can find enough people to get 5% of the population to support it.  

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chooyinyee said...

Hi Dr, i'm quite agree with your saying that the creation (the nature) is grieving due to human action (self-centeredness) of destroying it. I have a brother in christ shared with me that, the equilibrium between nature and human has actually lose its balance as in the strong (man) destroys the weak (nature).The mutation of nature (plants and animal)releases all kinds of new microorganisms that made into diseases. For example, the sinful consequences of human having sexual intercourse with ape end up with HIV. All the deterioration of nature is actually a phenomena of reflecting, human has fall sick. Only until the return of Christ, everything will return to it's origin.

Romans 8:19For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God.