Thursday, May 12, 2011

Hone, Don, Kiwi-Saver: Politics Is Getting Exciting Again

A few weeks ago the election looked like a done deal. The National juggernaut was rolling on, John Key seemed impregnable, labour was in disarray, they would smash Labour and the left. Then Dad's Army conscripts Dr Don Brash, Hone sets up a new party, and national start to do some things that are likely to shift some voters toward labour. Suddenly Labour is back in the game. Without doubt, Act will do better under Don B. He is a better option than Rodney H, and will get back some of Act's traditional supporters, and will draw some new ones; people who are freaked out at NZ's borrowing, who want to reduce the welfare state, want to reduce any favour to Maori, and so on. Don B might also drive a few toward Labour, as people want to avoid any govt with him in it. It also gives Labour a message. Most of its message looked silly because half of what they want to criticise, they set up! Now, they can just tell the world, a vote for National, is a vote for Don B – and vice versa.

Then there is our friend Hone. He is a warrior, and is out of place in politics. He should be leading a rebellion. He is trying to morph himself into a politician, but has both barrels of his guns pointed at his feet, constantly messing up. He is kind of cool in a weird way. Take the bi-election. What a publicity nightmare. It will get him in and more money for the election, but the disaffected numbers will grow. He has also split the Maori vote, and now Labour can come through the middle. Having said that, the fight for the Maori seats will be intense with the three parties going at it tongs and hammer. Again, Labour may well benefit.

Then there are the proposed changes to Kiwi-saver and Working for Families. This will annoy some on the left, and will swing some to Labour.

Suddenly it seems to me that Labour have a window of opportunity. The window is only letting in a sliver of light however, they are still up against it. I think they have a chance now, but likely they won't get there.

Personally I think National should leave Kiwi-saver alone, it is a great idea.

Anywho, politics is getting exciting. I can't wait for the two big sports events of the year, the Rugby World Cup, and the Election. Who to vote for, that is the question? Well, I am in John Key's electorate, so I either vote for him or throw a vote in the loo. As for the party vote, let's see how it pans out.

One thing I will say to Christian voters is that we have to get past voting on 'charisma' and 'appeal;' if we do that John K will romp in. No, we need to get past that shallow nonsense, and we should vote for the party that we believe reflects best the values of the Kingdom.


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