Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What’s God Up To On Planet Earth: Author Interview

Listen here to a comprehensive interview on NZ's Radio Rhema with Mark J. Keown, author of the Book What's God Up To On Planet Earth: A No-Strings Attached Explanation of the Christian Message:

The book explains the Christian message to unbelievers clearly and based around an easy to remember structure of five R's: Relationship, Rupture, Restoration, Return, and Response. It is also a very useful tool for discipleship of young Christians. For those who want to be better equipped for evangelism, it is a very helpful resource. It is not too heavy, but gives a compelling vision of what God is up to in this world.

The book can be purchased in NZ from Castle Publishing: Or, you can request the book from a NZ Christian book shop like Manna.

The book can be purchased from Koorong in Australia:

The book has just been published and about to be released in the US: (

It can be purchased internationally from Amazon Books:


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Anonymous said...

Good interview mate you and the book come across well!