Monday, September 9, 2013

Why the US Should Stay Out of Syria

First, what are the reasons that the US should go in. There seem to me to are two:  
1.       To send a message that use of chemical weapons cannot go by without response to warn others from doing the same.
2.       President Obama stated the use of a chemical weapon was a red line, as such, the USA’s pride and honour is at stake. What would their enemies think if they don't act? 

The first could be seen as a good reason to go in. However, it depends on being certain as to who released the chemical weapon. The second seems a weak basis to act. It seems to assume that the USA is the policeman of the world. Is it? Sometimes it is better to back down. 

Reasons to not go in. It seems to me that there are many: 
1.       The Syrian situation is a civil war that has no relationship to the US—it is not USA’s war. Why on earth would they go in? Chemical weapons? See above.
2.       The UN and even the USA’s main allies such as the UK (aside from France) are not prepared to get involved.
3.       The majority of the American people do not want the US to attack (
4.       It is unclear who unleashed the chemical weapons and why. 
5.       It is unclear what using air attacks to strike Syria will achieve in terms of ending the conflict. 
6.       There will be significant collateral destruction including the death of many innocent civilians.
7.       Attacking Syria may lead to a regime change and the new leadership may be worse than the current one.
8.       Did the conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Egypt yield a positive outcome for the region, world, and the US? Not sure on this one. Wasn't sure of any of the above ones. 
9.       Attacking Syria may unleash greater forces drawing other powers into the conflict, especially Iran, Russia, and Israel (WW3?).
10.   The US is strapped for cash and this will further drain its resources.
11.   It will only further intensify the growing anti-Americanism in the Middle East and around the world (as if it could get much worse).
12.   It will isolate America from the international community.
13.   Other avenues to resolve the conflict have not been exhausted, e.g. diplomacy, sanctions, etc. I haven’t seen a US delegation going to Syria for talks, or have I missed something?
14.   From a Christian perspective, war is deplorable and an absolute last resort. Are the principles of just war found here? I would say no.

All in all, I can’t see why America would at this point attack Syria. I think it will be a mistake and God help us if it happens.

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