Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Hey I am back. I had a nice break. The first part of it was a sensational walk around Lake Waikaremoana with my family and my wife's sisters family. What a wonderful experience. We tramped and kayaked around it. This was our second trip around the lake. We did it in 2001 and it rained with a cold southerly. Our kids were 12, 10 and 9 and they nearly got exposure on Panikiri mountain. That time, the weather forecast was perfect and it rained the whole time. This time the weather forecast was terrible but we had good conditions with a few showers and warm conditions!

The highlight was the natural surroundings. The beauty of the natural environment cried out that there is a God. I reflected on Rom 1 and Paul's thoughts on the futility of worshiping the created rather than the creator, the ignorance of humanity in failing to recognise that there is a God from the natural order. His words penned in the mid50's AD stand true today. The glory of NZ's native bush and the lake reminded me of what I believe; that there is a personal God who created this wonderful world for his beloved children. I am honoured to be a created being and I stand in awe of you creator God.

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