Sunday, April 8, 2007


What about the violence between rival soccer fans in the stands of the recent Manchester United and ASRoma clash? Then the following day we have another outbreak of violence between Sevilla and Tottenham. This is ridiculous and disgraceful. Sport is sport and not life itself. When people behave like this they demonstrate that they are deluded and have lost their grasp of reality and what counts. It is great to be excited about our favourite teams and watch the games with passion and get in behind them. If it leads to more, then it is to put it bluntly, wrong! It is wrong to kill coaches when their team is beaten at the cricket world cup. It is wrong to resort to violence over a game. It is wrong to shoot a soccer player after a world cup because he got an own goal. It is wrong to make sport more than it is; a sport. Perhaps those teams should be banned from the next UEFA cup!

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