Monday, April 2, 2007

Interesting times

First Pakistan and India were knocked out of the World Cup of cricket and Ireland and Bangladesh made it in. Then we hear that Bob Woolmer is murdered, times sure are strange in the world of sport. Then it comes to pass that Federer loses twice in one week to the same guy, Guillermo Canas. This has to be good for tennis. It is certainly good for Canas! I had never heard of the guy and now in two weeks he has done it twice! Then Serena Williams knocks off Maria Sharipova again. Not to mention the All Whites being hammered twice in South America. I am not that surprised they lost, but a 4-0 and then a 5-0 thrashing! Then we have the Warriors beginning the year with two successive wins; that is dramatic. The Storm brought them down to earth with a thud. Maybe it is not that surprising is Michael Phelp's dominance of the pool in Melbourne Australia. Six, or is it seven golds! He is a freak. However, shocking is Ian Thorpe's supposed drug violations with excessive testosterone in his veins. He has been a strong advocate for drug free sport. But does that mean he is clean? Who knows. Sport sure is interesting of late. The shocks will keep coming for sure.

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