Monday, March 3, 2008

About time...

So it is March and I have not blogged this year... pathetic. Ten great things this year!
1. Nice work NZ in the 50/50 3-1 series win over England. Nice! Can we do it in the tests? I think we will do better than expected.
2. Jessie Ryder! First Parore criticises his weight, then he is brilliant, then he blows it! He is a gamble. I hope he turns it around. I once behaved in a similar way but found the light (the big JC), perhaps he needs a similar experience.
3. Brendon McCullum! Oh yeah! He is in sensational form! He is now the world's leading wicket keeper batsman.
4. The Blues, The Crusaders! Oh yeah! But what about the woeful South Africans. I will wait until they play the Sharks and Force respectively. If they win these, it is over! One of them will win the comp!
5. Wade McKinnon! Damn! Man what a bummer. He is brilliant but now he is out. The Warriors may now struggle!
6. Marina Erakovich: Yeah! Into the top 100! That is fantastic. She is hot!
7. Esther Keown: Woo hoo! Two qualifying times for the World Junior Athletic Champs. A 15 year old making it into an u20 world comp... Good stuff... And I am biased.
8. Mark Brown: 2 tournaments on the Asian circuit in a row. Michael Campbell may be on the decline (hopefully not permanently), but this guy is going well.
9. NZ mens hockey team! What a sensational win at at the recent tournament to grab an olympic spot! Absolutely dynamic!
10. Cameron Brown: Legend! Fantastic win again in the iron man. Hats off too to Jo Lawn! Legends!

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