Monday, March 3, 2008

Rob vs Mahe

Tomorrow it is the decider. Mahe won the first, Rob the second, who will win the 3rd. I hope the best man wins, which he will. Both deserve it, so who has got it. Three things that annoy. First, what is NZ rowing doing, not really promoting this as a feature event and using it to profile and promote the sport. Come on, do it properly! Secondly, what is this I hear today that the winner may not go in the single sculls. That would be ridiculous! Why bother if the winner is not to go! Wake up! Thirdly, the whole thing is marginal to me. It is now not a race to see who is quickest over 2000m but who can back up with 3 2k races in 3 days. It is a race of recovery and endurance. They should get at least 48 hours off to recover and do the final race fresh! Crazy!

Still, they are both legends who should both be at Beijing racing the final! Go the guys! I am picking Rob, but not with any confidence.

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