Friday, April 18, 2008

World Cup Report

How can Graeme Henry be All Black coach? His response yesterday proves the point. He supported Richie McCaw's decision to ignore his instruction last year to take a drop goal! How can Richie McCaw be All Black captain. TV3 showed a caption of his indifference to the French-Ireland game last year before the World Cup. This alls says, "arrogant!" They were complacent.

I say again, Henry destroyed the All Blacks after building them magnificently. Why second guess the previous three years. In those three years the All Blacks played the Super 14 and dominated it. They then hit the internationals, with some degree of rotation, but playing the A team in the big tests. They then went on a tour of Europe and thrashed all before them. Why would you start screwing with the Super 14, rotating players without settling on a combination, reconditioning players when they should be playing, and then get to the World Cup underdone?

There should also have been 2 tough pre-World Cup games in Europe against northern hemisphere teams, preferably England and France, before the cup.

As for the drop goal business! Unbelievable!

Why is Deans in Australia? Why is Gatland in Wales? Deans should be now coaching the AB's, nothing is more obvious! Gatland should be coaching here. He can have the Blues, Nucifora is past his use-by date, send him home!

Rugby is in massive trouble!

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