Saturday, October 25, 2008

Dan Carter and NPC Final

So why is Dan Carter not playing in the final of the NPC tonight?

The way that NZ rugby players are wrapped in cotton wool is weird. It is a privilege to play rugby professionally and they should play! Get him out there.

The NZ rugby union shows its lack of understanding of the professional sports world. Older professional leagues like the Premier League, NRL, AFL etc do not do this. Their people play for their pay. The NRL is a long season with more physical toll than rugby, of that I am sure. Yet, week in week out they front. The Heineken cup and other British rugby leagues are tough and their players play. The last world cup saw England and France make the semi's and England the final with supposedly weaker teams with players who played. NZ lost the last world cup because their players did not play.

The sponsors need him to play. The fans need him to play. The TV magnates who support the ediface need him to play. He should play. He should, 'go to work, the work for which he is paid.' He can rest at the end of the season. NZ rugby doesn't realise this, but its players should play and rest when injured. They don't need to rest, except at season's end. They don't need to rotate, they will get dizzy! Rugby is such a high attrition game that the opportunities come when there are injuries. When they are hurt, they rest and recover. Then they play.

I might not go to work on Tuesday and front my students because I need a rest. I might just rotate for the day. I am tired. I need a rest. I will only turn up to lectures every second week, then I will stay fresh, ready for the big lecture. Yeah, that sounds nice. Ah, I will also go for 6 months to another institution and lecture for a few million bucks. But I better have a rest to be ready for that. This is rubbish.

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