Saturday, October 25, 2008

Where have you been?

An interview:
I. Viewer: Hi DrMarkK, I see your last blog entry was Aug 19. So where have you been?

DrMarkK: Good question. I have been snowed under and work and have been in a rut, lost interest in blogging to be honest, too much on, loss of interest in life etc... it happens.

I. Viewer: Are you back bigger and better then?

DrMarkK: Bigger for sure. I have put on weight. You see, I like the red wine, and can't help eating a bowl of ice cream every evening watching reality TV shows like Survivor, Top Chef etc. I am a compulsive ice cream and reality show nut.

I. Viewer: As one who has followed your lack of progress over the years, I wonder why a bottom-class academic is watching such pivel on TV? (Is that how you spell Pivel?) Surely, you should be reading, studying, thinking, praying and if you watch TV, watch doco's and high quality TV like Coronation Street?

DrMarkK: Well I do watch the latter; it is not high class, but Emma likes it and I am married to her (and happily). Well, I do some reading... kids books, I like the picture ones especially.

I.Viewer: I see that things are only going to get deeper and better on this blog.

DrMarkK: I hope not. I am shallow. I am slightly deeper than the 1/2 inch depth of most Christianity but find myself struggling to hold my breath long enough to get down much deeper. Still, I will do my best. Anywho... interesting word? What about, anyhow? anywhen? They are good too. Let's start using them. By the way Ian, you are a pathetic interviewer, there is nothing of substance here... I am out of here... got to see Winston.

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