Sunday, May 3, 2009

He and we

Been thinking some more. I think from God's point of view it is all about us and me. He looks upon us his created people and yearns for us. He desires with all his eternal and omnipotent being to pour out on us blessing, to see us become who we were created to be, to walk in relationship with us. He longs to chat to us, to hear our voice, to hang out with us. He wants us to know unity as he knows unity within himself as Father, Son and Spirit. He has chosen even though he is utterly self-sufficient to create us that he and we in all our me's to be together with him. Nothing seems to thrill him more than us drawing near to him for a chat, to hang, to be with him. He awaits our call, he loves to be with us.

From our point of the view however, the right response is to make his glory the goal of our existence. It is all about God and him. The right response is worship of him and love for him. That is the greatest command; to love him with everything we have got. 'To the praise and glory of God' is the goal. So, it is more about he than we. He is to be the object of our delight. We are to seek to emulate him above all else in our relationships. He is to be glorified in our attitudes, words and deeds.

But we can't go as far as 'He not we.' 'Not' does not work. Why? Because 'He' is delighted when we are 'we'. He yearns for our unity. He longs for us to empty ourselves of selfish ambition, vain conceit, rivalry etc, and to emulate his love, compassion, affection, mercy in service to be one as he is One. The second commandment is to love one another, and to do so is effectively to love him, for we bear his image. He is thrilled to the heart when we love one another. It is an act of worship to love and serve.

Of course this whole blog begs the question, 'he'? I always have a theological and philosophical dilemma using 'he'. It is patently obvious if we as male and female both reflect God's image, then God is not 'he.' 'He' is she as much as he. So perhaps it is 'he/she' or S...HE.

Still, let's not let that distract us from the point today. It is about God's glory! The priority is not 'we' but 'He.' The path to placing 'He' first includes 'we and not me.' This leads me to laugh... hehehehe... enough!

The upshot is, may He be glorified in my life. May he be magnified in the church!



Anonymous said...

LOVE is patient I am not, when LOVE called me and I accepted then there was a degree of pressure to immediately fall in love with LOVE and as that did not happen then I assumed something was wrong. And if it takes time to love LOVE (maybe an eternity) then how wrong to chastise myself for not loving everyone else, however just as LOVE exhibited love for me by entering my life through LOVE made flesh, then part of my moving up towards LOVE is to move outwards to those whom I am called to love and to be LOVE to.

As LOVE is real so my love needs to be real, not just an emotion but an action, soon enough the 'me' will change to a 'we' which will then become an 'us' lost in the heart of LOVE

Dr Mark K said...

Amen George... love means we are ok when are not there yet; never will be. We don't even make progress a lot of the time I think. The church has slipped into a new legalism, the harsh demands of discipleship. It is a beautiful thing to be invited into the spiralling dynamic of the Trinity encircled by Father, Son and Spirit; still me, but alive as never before, full of God, my life hidden in Christ. Glorious! The creature who in heart is crafted by the divine on the divine invited into the divine, yet remaining a creature who marvels in awe at the divine three Oneness. That means, as we are, not as we 'should be.' There is no should, just the divine one urging us on to become what he made us to be, yet without judgement. Enough... LOVE!