Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Gergesa (Modern Kursi)

Thus far on our trip, I hadn’t really been surprised greatly. Gergesa was a pleasant surprise. You find it (modern Kursi) by driving around the top of the Sea of the Galilee and heading down the western side of the lake. It is lovely site and it makes excellent sense (even if we are not completely sure of any of the sites).

There are a lovely set of remains of an ancient church (not first century) (below).

There is a road that runs from the church to the sea (left).

Then, up the hill, is the remains of a much earlier church suggesting that the ancients believed this to be the spot where Jesus cast the legion of demons out of the demoniac (right).

There is a cliff from which the pigs may have rushed (left). 

Remembering that the sea was higher in Jesus day, they may have plunged off the cliff. 

It is not on the tourist maps and discussed much. I am not sure why, but this place felt really authentic. Significantly, it is directly opposite Magdala where Jesus cast seven demons out of Mary. The two sites either side of Jesus' base in Capernaum speak powerfully of Jesus' authority over evil. From a land where evil and violence abound, may he exercise it fully soon!

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