Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Water to Wine, Cana

After a couple of days in Tiberias, we headed back west and visited Cana. 

Cana is the site where John's Jesus did his first miracles, turning water to wine (John 2) and healing the officials son (John 4). The site is disputed, and although we can never be sure it fits. The site is near Jesus’ home in Nazareth (about 9 km). It was initially a synagogue, perhaps the synagogue which hosted the wedding at which Jesus turned water to wine. 

The church is lovely (below).

Inside it is quaint with nice art, including a lovely set of the Stations of the Cross around the walls. 

There are also some lovely excavations and articles underneath – a kind of museum.  

This includes a first century inscription (so I was told?).

We couldn’t help buying some wine, which was a standard local wine with a sticker placed on top. Or rather, as the story goes, Emma took a bottle of water and turned it to wine (note the bottle was even transformed). She certainly moves in the spirit (not sure which one here).

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