Friday, May 11, 2007

David Bain

It is no surprise to me that David Bain has received a favourable result from the Privy Council. It is patently obvious that he is a victim of injustice not necessarily on the basis of clear innocence, but on the basis of the principle that such a decision must be found 'without reasonable doubt'.

Should he have another trial? No way! It would cause an uproar and with the course of time and the prejudice now involved in the case, be impossible to get any level of clarity of objectivity into it.

Should he receive compensation? Absolutely. His life has been destroyed including his home, his hopes, his eductation, his reputation, his hopes of marriage and family. I say about 10 million dollars or there-abouts.

Should we be worried about our justice system? Absolutely. I am deeply concerned. The biblical principles of 2-3 witnesses as per Deut 19:15, I am deeply concerned. When one considers Peter Ellis, David Bain and serious doubts about Scott Watson; we have to ask whether our system is working. I believe we erred in leaving behind the Privy Council and this demonstrates why.

Central to our faith is the unjust conviction of the saviour of the world through faulty judicial system. We as Christians must work to ensure that this nation has a justice system that has very sound and impartial safeguards to ensure that the David Bain's of this world do not recur.

We need to pray for all involved; David Bain and the wider Bain family.

Another thought: Joe Karam is a modern day example of a man who will stand up against injustice and fight for a cause. I admired him as an All Black and I admire his resolute stand. He deserves a knighthood; woops, we have got rid of that too... a shame!


Dave Wells said...

Hey Mark.
you should check out Lauryn Hill's song 'Mystery of Iniquity' if you want some thoughts on the justice system. I have a copy if you want

Fi S said...

It seems to me that history is full of apparent mistakes where there seems to be such a rush to find the bad guys - and finding the baddies needs to be done, but unfortunately who ever seems to fit the bill is the one who receives the punishment. Does the justice system get it right? - sometimes, but as you pointed out, there are several recent examples of injustice done, and lives have been scarred as a result. Good thing the death penalty doesn't still happen hey?

Dr Mark K said...

Cool Dave
Would love a copy