Saturday, May 12, 2007

Joe Karam

I heard more on Joe Karam on TV discussions last night. He said in an interview that he has spent 10million dollars of his own money on fighting for David Bain. He suggested that many of us have our Everest's and perhaps this was his.

This leads me to reiterate the point of my last blog; Joe Karam is a modern day example of what it means to give himself to a cause in the name of justice.

He has copped a lot of flack. I have heard that many of his old sporting buddies from his All Black and League days have given him grief. Talk show hosts and commentators have effectively written him off. The legal profession have treated him in many cases with disdain. Yet due to his sacrifice, David Bain is now going to be freed.

Interestingly he reported too that David Bain when he leaves jail will move into Joe Karam's own home! This guy is a phenomenon! Not only has he worked to free him, he is waiting on the other side. The guy comes out to nothing; his life has been taken away. Yet, he has hope now. This to me emulates Christ who gave his all for us, giving up the wealth and prerogatives of his divinity, to save us. And when we hear his call and accept his salvation, we are like David Bain, coming kicking and screaming out of the prison of sin and death and he is there waiting for us and he transforms us through his Spirit, word and love.

It makes me wonder what drives him. If he is not a Christian, he would appear to me to be not far from the Kingdom of God!

We who name Christ as Lord; we need to take note! Let us seek God, find the cause that God is calling us to (our own Everests), and take up our crosses, make the sacrifice and go after it. So, let's get on our knees and ask the Lord to lead us into his cause for our life, and let's die for the Kingdom of God and his righteousness/justice.

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