Thursday, July 12, 2007

Harry Potter 5 and Shrek 3

Went to the movie Harry Potter 5 yesterday. It is a great tale! I can see why kids are so into it. JK Rowling can spin a great yarn. It is classic good vs evil. It has kids working together to defeat evil. It has mystery in it and while it uses witchcraft, is really about spiritual power and has a lot of resonance with an apocalyptic gospel. It has touches of humour which is great. The characterisation is brilliant with the professors of Hogwarts all in their own way outstanding characters.

I love the way kids have grown with the story; my kids have grown as Harry has grown. In this story Harry is beginning to realise his power and becomes teacher and trains up an army to take on the evil one. Kids are really into the idea of a group of kids working together against all the odds to defeat heinous enemies. The climax of the movie is brilliant and gripping with Voldemort seeking to take over Harry's mind. It is tragic too with Sirius Black dying which adds real tragedy to the story. By the way, the acting gets better with each movie.

I also went recently to Shrek 3 and that too is a great watch. Recommend them both... that is, unless you refuse to watch the Potter stuff!

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Stephen G said...

I thought the HP5 book dragged in quite a few places - perhaps needing some tighter editing. If the screenplay has addressed that, then I look forward to seeing it.