Thursday, July 12, 2007


What is going on in league? Here we go again! NZ now has lost a coach who genuinely appeared able to get NZ up to beat the Aussies in league which historically is amazing! Yet now he is off to Leeds and the league officianados are ducking for cover to cover their tracks! League appears to me to be as poorly run as NZ soccer! Tragic. Still Leeds will gain and McLennan will be a better coach for it.

Having said that, I say again, that the two sports rugby and league should combine into one global sport. The games are far too similar. Take out the break down and use play the balls. Take a couple of players out of the game would increase space. Keep the lineout for interest. Make the scrums confrontational. Keep league scoring with a 5 point try. Something like that. League flows better but needs a national profile. Rugby has a greater global impact but lacks the flow and the break down is a disaster. Let by gones be by gones and form a hybrid sport and take on the power of soccer.

It will never happen!

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