Sunday, July 29, 2007

Random thoughts

Haven't blogged on this blog for a while but thought I would get back into it with a few random thoughts.

1. Go the warriors! Awesome form. 4th and rising! Woohoo. Most impressive and I hope it goes on.
2. America's Cup Fiasco: The build up to Valencia 2009 is on and the games have begun. Alinghi is playing games and working the rules to make it incredibly difficult for others to win the cup. Can't believe in today's world that people with the media reporting every aspect that blatant cheating would go on, but it does. The NZ government should get out now, it is corrupt, big boys and their toys. I for one, will not be seduced again.
3. Tour de Drug: The Tour De France is a disaster and a great sporting challenge and achievement is corrupted. No idea who is cheating and who is not. The whole thing leaves a sour taste in the mouth.
4. Weepu fiasco: What on earth are the three wise men doing? Piri Weepu should be going to France! How can one compare the performances of Ellis against the weak sides of the Pacific with Weepu in the Tri-Nations. Especially after he played first five for games for the Hurricanes and was forced to have a lay off in the 'reconditioning'. He has been shafted. So has Troy Flavell who was given a monumental workload over the Super 14 and All Black season. No wonder he went off the boil. He has been treated poorly. He may not have made the team, but he was not given a decent go!
5. Netball sadness: The silver ferns are in trouble for sure. They have lost Belinda Colling, Vilimaina Davu, Anna Rowberry and Temepara George; no wonder they are not the force they were. Irene van Dyk needs stronger and more consistent support at goal attack as well. It is not a lost cause, but we are still rebuilding and the Aussies are settled. It will be tough!
6. Hamish Marshall: Go Hamish, opting for an English contract and turning down a NZ contract. Can't really blame him. I hope he goes well.
7. Michael Campbell inconsistency: What is it with Michael Campbell! He is hot one day and unbelievably poor the next. He is a great golfer for sure and a Kiwi legend but can he just put 4 rounds together again. That is what happened at the US open! Come on Michael, you can do it again.


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