Saturday, March 24, 2007

Bob Woolmer Etc

What a world cup! Pakistan out! India going out as I write, in huge trouble against the Sri Lankan's. But all this pales in significance to the killing of Bob Woolmer. It was strange from the start, it crossing my mind that it was suicide or murder. But murder it is. So who killed him? It seems to me the options are a random killing; a gambling syndicate; a disgrunted fan or fans; an upset player of team member; an act of terrorism. The last option has not been discussed. Is it possible that this is an act of terrorism to disrupt the tournament; the victim chosen because of a possible smoke screen concerning the other options. After all, Pakistan is right in the heart of the Al Qaeda situation.

From this far away in distant NZ listening to the news, it seems to me that it is probably a gambling issue; it was someone (or more) who knew him.

Whoever it is, I pray they are found and brought to justice.

If it is a gambling syndicate then cricket is in trouble again. It is blighted with cheating and if it involves the World Cup it cuts to the heart of the sport. I heard an interview today with the perpetrator of the American drug scandal Victor Conte. He said it was the excitement that caused him to get into providing performance enhancing drugs for the likes of Tim Montgomery and Barry Bonds! Sport is so corrupted. It is sad.

As for the cricket world cup... Sri Lanka, South Africa, Australia, the West Indies and NZ look the goods. Who will it be? But it is just sport... a human life is more significant; this world cup now doesn't quite feel the same.

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