Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Femme Fetale and Radio Sport

Is anyone else out there in NZ fed up with hearing ads for a brothel on mainstream Radio Sport time. I have had enough of the supposedly humourous Nobby etc ads which talk of going to this establishment and... well, you can fill in the gaps.

I emailed them today and told them I was going to stop listening if the ads continued. Surely they can confine their ads to a time of the day when kids are not listening. Why does a sports station have to lower its standards? It furthers the stereotype of jocks as neanderthals who think of nothing but a good shag. The media is full of twits who reflect this; I expect better from a mainstream radio station.

I enjoy the station and it is my first port of call when turning on the radio; but I am out of there if it doesn't end. I hope someone from the station reads this...

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