Saturday, March 24, 2007

Radio Sport and Brothels

I have been a listener to Radio Sport in NZ for a long time, since its inception in fact. I am fed up with the regular ad's involving two imaginary figures Nobby and Lofty, symbolic of men who are horny. They feature in ads for an Auckland brothel. I do not think that it is wise for the station to advertise in this controversial area, despite the fact that some of their audience will appreciate such establishments. Neither do I think that these ads should feature during day light hours when fathers like me are listening to the radio in cars or at home with kids able to listen in. I also know that kids listen to the station on occasion.

That being the case, I complained to them. Their respons is that it is legal and they are a paying customer. So! The station has a moral responsibility to the nation as well. I have made a complaint to the NZ Broadcasting Complaints Authority hoping for a result.

If you read this, join me, google the NZ Broadcasting Complaints Authority and complain about the Radio Sport ad for Femme Fetale.

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