Wednesday, March 14, 2007

NZ Soccer and a Team in the A league

This whole NZ soccer and the A League thing is another example of NZ sports administration at its worst (cf. 2003 rugby world cup). It continues the Kings, Knights fiasco which has been a disaster.

NZ soccer en masse should hang its head in shame. Nothing could be better for NZ soccer than to have a competitive team in the A League. It would provide a pathway for NZ juniors into professionalism, gets them onto the world stage and provides a stepping stone to the All Whites and overseas teams.

What on earth is going on? Supposedly NZ soccer has no cash! Is there no wealthy sponsor in this land who sees the value of sponsoring a team?

I have no idea concerning the ins and outs of this but one thing is certain; it will be a total disaster if it does not come off! Come on or you will see further dominance from rugby and the best athletes going off shore or to other codes.

I don't get it!

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