Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I cannot believe that NZ and the Aussies are critical of the Boks for not bringing down their A team for the away games in the Tri Nations. The Aussies have taken away substandard teams to Europe for a number of years now. As for NZ, it is a joke for us to complain. Apart from taking away weakened teams for a number of years and rotating our team last season there is the slight problem of the Super 14 reconditioning. Ridiculous to complain! We are determined to win the World Cup and so are they. They have a royal chance and now is their only chance to get the team up for the World Cup. So I say, go for it! Good on them.

I don't think it is a good time to do so however. They need time together, combinations etc. These are their last games leading into the Cup and they need to work to gain confidence.

So I say, good on them, and question whether it will help them. Imagine what confidence they would have gained from coming down here and smashing us on our home patch! They now do not have the opportunity. Remember England in 2003; NZ, SA and Aust beaten in 3 weeks. The belief was there for them then.

But as for NZ complaining... get real!

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