Monday, June 25, 2007

Weekend wrap up

What a great weekend. The America's Cup went from the sadness of losing to the joy of winning. It was great to see Team NZ win a race. To me, Alinghi looks quicker though. I hope I am wrong, I pray I am wrong; but I get the feeling they are quicker. That being said though, if they can't hack the pressure, Alinghi may not have the team.

The All Blacks were fantastic. Sure, there were far too many handling errors and our lineout was not great. But this is the first game of such intensity for us after a flight to Durban, in what we call tropical heat, and against a fired up South African team. We had a number of scoring opportunities and the South Africans benefited from an intercept. By the last 15 minutes they were out on their feet. Great stuff NZ. How on earth Rodney S was named man of the match I will never know, Richie McCaw was sensational! He tackled and took the ball up incessantly. We are on track for France. It will be a huge challenge to now fly to Melbourne and front up against the desperate Aussies! They will be desperate and they still have match winners through the backline. Our forwards must destroy them!

The netball was brilliant. I was wanting the Force to win, but as I thought, the Sting were too level headed under pressure. Force had the chance to win and lost their bottle. We need Donna Wilckens in the Kiwi team for the World Champs. I hope she fronts. It would be sensational for her to score the winning goal after that fateful world champs on Chch a few years back. With her and Irene in the circle, I simply can't see us losing the world champs. I think the midcourters are back to their best; the Aussies were flattered by Temepara and Adene W being out of form and overcoming injuries. I truly believe we can win the World Champs.

Go the rowers. I am an indoor rowing addict; 10 k a day. Today I did my second best 500m ever, 1.24.8; but man these real rowers are extraordinary. We are amazing and get far too little attention! I can't wait for the World Champs and then the Olympics next year. Mark my words, the Ever-Swindells and Mahe Drysdale will be back!

And what about Bevan Docherty! He is a super athlete winning another triathlon.

So what am I looking forward to this week; the North Island Cross Country Champs. I have two daughters running... I will let you know how they go!

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