Monday, June 18, 2007

Rugby Season So Far

About 3 months out from the world cup where are things at. Well there has been one game that counts, Australia 19 South Africa 22. This can tell us one of a few things. Perhaps the Australians are much better than we expected. Perhaps the South Africans are worse. Perhaps the Australians had a good day, the South Africans a poor day. We won't know until the Tri-Nations plays itself out.

The AB's to me have not been good. They look either like a side that is on the wane or they are simply going through the motions preparing for the big games ahead. They should have won the first three games by more points and with a more clinical effort. They drop too much ball and overcook their attack without doing the basics. The loss of the locks means we are weaker at lineout time and have a real weakness opposition teams can target.

So for me the season has begun and the SA NZ clash at Durban will tell us more. The outcome is not that important in terms of the WC to come. However, we will get more insight into how teams are going.

So... let's wait and see.

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