Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I was shocked watching the news last night seeing the story about the arrest of a ring of men from around the world who watch paedophilia live on the net. It even involves people requesting of the criminals that they do this and that to these poor kids. This is shocking and a disgrace to our civilisation.

These people should be castrated and incarcerated for life!

I am not an advocate of the death penalty but when I read of such heinous crimes I believe there is a next best thing.

Kids are precious. They are vulnerable and depend on our love and care for them. Anyone who violates them sexually deserves nothing but the fullest treatment of the law. Some may bemoan my attitude too harsh advocating 'restorative justice' rather than punitive. I agree with many of the notions of restorative justice and our justice system needs much work in this regard. I agree that minor offences in this regard can be dealt with in a restorative way. However, another function of justice is protection; especially where we find the weak and vulnerable. When we find people who kill or seriously violate children whether unborn or born, they must be dealt with.

I hope any NZers will be caught and dealt with in the most extreme fashion. Certainly they will face extreme justice before God who tells us it is better to tie a millstone around our necks and throw ourselves into the sea or indeed to emasculate ourselves rather than sin in this way!

If you read this and have any problems in this area... get out and get help!

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