Tuesday, June 26, 2007

MXC and Deal or No Deal

I love MXC. It is a crazy program on Channel 4 with Japanese people doing crazy stunts with hilarious (if somewhat rude) American voice overs! The stunts are hilarious! I love it. These people are genuinely mad. Running head first into doors, racing over rollers, sprinting across rocks, swinging onto small stands; it is great fun! True entertainment for my appallingly small mind!

On the other hand I utterly deplore Deal or No Deal on TV3. It is a shocker. I cannot believe in the 21st century that a program today would have all those women standing around posing with their cleavages barely covered (only due to some double sided tape). The show itself has absolutely no merit except the gamble and tension of wondering what is in the next suitcase. I hate the show and it should be removed! I am sure it will due to shocking ratings!

Take in MXC... it is good!

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Dave Wells said...

Absolutely, I agree! MXC is one of my favs! And deal or no deal is... ell you know what it is!