Sunday, November 18, 2007

Bangladesh Cyclone

What is wrong with our news coverage? How can this not lead the news today? Reports suggest 2000 people are now missing! Dhaka is in rubble! Thousands are stranded on islands in the Bay of Bengal! We must pray! The search is on to find out how bad it really is. If this was in a western situation, we would have nothing but continual coverage! Come on NZ, start being global! Let's pray, let's send money, let's help! In 1991 another cyclone saw 143,000 die! It is expected that the death toll will reach more than 3000! 1000 fishermen and their boats are unaccounted for! Then there is the toll on animals with thousands floating in water near a world heritage site and the home of the endangered Royal Bengal Tiger! I hate our westo-centricism! Let's open up! Let's pray and help.

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