Saturday, November 3, 2007

Stop the head shots

Building on the previous blog, the recent controversy in regards to the failure in Britain to cite players who inflict head shots on other players needs to be brought into context. It is ridiculous. These players should have been cited and banned for 2-6 weeks. Anyone who goes for the head in the rugby codes should pay the price.

I can imagine the second test tomorrow becoming rather tough. It would not surprise me if the Kiwi's take on the British with some big shots. Why not? Supposedly there is nothing wrong with it. Of course, one can imagine the ref sending someone off from the Kiwi's? If so, why would the Kiwi's not walk off the field and refuse to play? Then, they would be cited, and suspended!

League need to sort themselves out. Many see it as a game of thuggery, I am not one of them. The NRL has done a brilliant job in ridding the game of such problems. The British need to do the same. They need to have the same standards to international league.

I will be watching the game with interest. Will the Kiwi's degenerate into thuggery? Or will they rise above it?

I can't really understand Kemble getting such a hard time on this tour. He has a Kiwi team bereft of the best Kiwi players up against a British team that has pushed our A team over the last few years. Give the guy a chance. Perhaps thuggery and head hits are the key!

If so, then league too should be banned, or at least cleaned up!

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