Sunday, November 18, 2007

James and Murray Deaker

I was listening to newstalk ZB today (Sat 18-11) sometime around 5.15 and I heard the biggest plonka I have heard on radio for a while. A guy called James rang up and had a go at Deak's. He got stuck into him for calling Graham Henry a mate and then writing his book on the World Cup in which he critiqued Henry's approach to coaching. He suggested that some respected All Black had supposedly told him that when Deak's was an alcoholic that Henry stood by him. He then suggested that Deak's first wife had left him and that he had found support from his mates then. Deak's responded by telling him that his first wife had died of cancer and that it was all a rubbish.

I just wanted to express in public on the net that James is a plonka! In fact, he is far worse. He is a disgrace. He crossed the line and deserves a bollocking. If you know James out there, give him the message. Deak's suggested that he would have decked the guy if he had said it to his face. I can tell you Deak's that there are many of us who would have joined the queue!

Some people need help... James, get some!

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