Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Ethical Dilemma

I came off the motorway heading north at Tristram Ave on the North Shore of Auckland (NZ) and as I approached the lights they turned amber and then red. It was one of those situations where I could have gone but chose not to. I would have made it easily and I was tempted.

As I sat at the lights the thought went through my mind, 'what if I have an accident between here and home? I could have taken the option of running the red (safely) and not had the accident!'

Anyway I sat there pondering such thoughts and then the light turned green. As I drove off in my lane the guy in the lane next to me decided to go for it and cut across on me into my lane. I hit the breaks and thankfully managed to avoid crashing. After the usual comments best left unmentioned and hitting the horn, I laughed to myself thinking... perhaps I should have run that red! Of course, the truth is, I didn't crash; but it made me think. Ethically, it was illegal to run the red light, but perhaps morally it was right? Any thoughts?

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Fi S said...

How do you mean morally?