Thursday, May 8, 2008

Esther Keown World Champ

Fantastic news about Esther Keown winning the World Secondary School Cross Country Champs in Algeria. She won by 6 seconds from two Belgian girls with NZ also winning the team's gold. This is an amazing effort for a Kiwi girl.

Esther said that she felt good on the day. She took the lead early after being held back by an Algerian girl. She was concerned that she went out too quick leading through the first lap. However, by the end of the second lap she had a good lead and extended to win comfortably. She also said that she could have gone quicker if the pressure had come on. She held back because she was concerned that there may be someone who would sit on her and come through quickly at the end.

We really do have some promising athletes at present, particularly among the girls. So, go KIWI! Awesome stuff. Another great day in Kiwi sport. Here's hoping Esther and the other girls can come through into senior athletics and perform at the top winning medals for NZ at World Champs and Olympic level.

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