Saturday, May 24, 2008

Survivor Micronesia

Interesting program Survivor. I admit I love it. I love it because I imagine myself playing it and would love the challenge. I love it because of the psychology of the program. This one was unique in many ways with the girls banding together to get rid of the guys one by one and then battle it out. They were helped by two competitors being knocked out through injury including crowd favourite James. Two competitors were utterly blind-sided and sent home with immunity idols in their bags unplayed. Mad! Then Erik handed over immunity to one of the girls to show his commitment to her; only for the girls to vote him out. He was both naive and mad!

The final showdown came down to the Parv and Amanda. I would have liked Amanda to win but she blew it in the final speeches failing to impress with her speeches. On the other hand Parvati demonstrated that she had played the better the game and deserved to win.

The Fans vs Favourite format was inspired. The Fans were never going to win though as most of the fans were awe-struck by their heroes and by the time they got organised the fans had the game sown up.

I love the show... all except the whole $1m thing! It is a bit of a worry someone winning $1m for a TV show.

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