Thursday, May 8, 2008

Morning After Pill

Yesterday the NZ Herald reported that a trial was beginning to make the morning after pill available free over the counter ( Theoretically this is to reduce teen pregnancies.

This is a shocker! The morning after pill is simply another form of potential abortion. Of course the recipient does not know whether they are pregnant, so it is not active abortion; but, it is potential or passive abortion.

This is an astonishing decision. It shows that we have absolutely no concern for the unborn child. It is another example of child-abuse!

Sure, teen pregnancies are a problem, a big problem. But the answer is not to respond to one problem with legitimising the killing of the unborn child!

I am disturbed that the main response I am hearing is a concern that this will lead to more promiscuity. It may well do so, but that pales in comparison to the problem of killiing babies!

This is another example of the horror we face in the western world, in NZ killing 17,000+ babies a year. This will increase that number. We stand before the God who cherishes every child from conception, longing for them to have a great life, and fulfil the potential he has placed in them.

Those of us who care, must rise up, and in unison, fight this horror! We must do so with the love of Jesus, full of grace, not utilising the weapons of this world, but working with all our best thinking and acting and work for the removal of this. Rise up!


Fi S said...

I agree Mark, this is just another "easy way out" for mainly young people to take care of unwanted pregnancies. If people are choosing to go and have sex, and not be responsible (I know that protection doesn't always work), then maybe they need to think through what they may have to face.

Is this just another excuse for people to be promiscuous because it's getting easier and easier to take care of the "problem"?

Dr Mark K said...

Thanks Fi S, it is 'soft' and 'potential' abortion. In that the goal of the person is to kill the foetus, it is equally culpable in the sight of God. Keep standing for righteousness